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Information provided in the online directory on this website is intended to provide a guide for you or your loved ones to explore different types of services. However, the informatin contained is not exhastive. No warranty, representation or undertaking is made about the content, accuraccy and completeness of the information provided. 

Mental Connect accepts no responsility or liability for any loss, damage or injury which may arise from anything contained in this publication. No person is entitlted to any redress against Mental Connect on any account whatsoever and however arising in relation to any information provided. 

About Us

“Mental Connect” is a non-profit organization that focuses on connecting and facilitating the resources available in the ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Mental Wellness’ sector. This website currently serves a service directory and latest events happening for users to browse, but we will continue to expand its functions to other purposes. We endeavour to create common space to facilitate conversations between ‘Corporates’, ‘Community’, ‘Practitioners’ and ‘Governmental Organisations’. We hope to promote information exchange between the parties, and move the mental health ecosystem in Singapore (and across borders) forward. 

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Events In Singapore

A collection of Mental Health/Wellness events in Singapore. To list, contact us at


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If you are part of the Mental Health Ecosystem and would like to list your hiring opportunity to the community, please contact us at


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