About this Event

Promises is delighted to host Dr. Laurel Parnell and her faculty from Parnell Institute to conduct their 3-part AF-EMDR basic training in Singapore.

What is AF-EMDR?

Attachment-focused EMDR (AF-EMDR) is an evolution of standard EMDR and stresses the importance of creating safety for the client and the need to adapt treatment according to client-centered cultural and individual needs. AF-EMDR emphasizes a reparative therapeutic relationship using a combination of (1) Resource Tapping to strengthen clients and repair development deficits, (2) AF-EMDR to process traumas, and (3) talk therapy to help integrate the information from AF-EMDR sessions and to provide the healing derived from therapist-client interactions. Through these, AF-EMDR extends the use and benefits of EMDR and bilateral stimulation to clients typically less responsive to traditional EMDR protocols and helps clients experience more complete resolution.

Why this course?

In Parts 1 & 2, you will learn how to use AF-EMDR in clinical practice. This comprehensive training includes lectures, small group practice, and demonstrations in a supportive environment. Because this course provides extensive time for practice, you will learn AF-EMDR from the inside out, experiencing firsthand the power of this transformative therapy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Construct protocols and procedures for using AF-EMDR with a variety of clients
  • Demonstrate clinical application of EMDR and AF-EMDR concepts and procedural steps
  • Demonstrate client selection criteria and cautions necessary for safe use of AF-EMDR
  • Utilise resource development and installation in cases of challenging life situations, blocking beliefs, or for performance enhancement
  • Identify methods for developing inner resources used for interweaves and client closure
  • Construct AF-EMDR targets using the bridging technique
  • Integrate AF-EMDR into clinical practice with a range of clients and present problems

Course Requirements

SPS or SAC registered professional. Professionals not registered with SPS/ SAC must have minimum Masters in Psychology or Counselling and will be subject to an intake interview before your place is confirmed.

Upon Completing this Course

Participants will be awarded a Letter of Attendance by Parnell Institute. A Certificate of Completion will only be awarded when participants complete all 3 parts within 2 years. To be an AF-EMDR Certified Therapist, click on the links for the full certification requirements by APCB and Parnell Institute.


Early Bird: $4,050* per person (extended until 30 June 2023)

Standard: $4,400* per person

Group of 5: $3,950** per person

*Prices above exclude prevailing GST rates

**To access group rates or corporate rates on accommodation, please write in to events@promises.com.sg

Registration closes on 06 Aug 2023 or earlier if at full capacity.

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