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We all know that our behavioral system is broken. We aspire to open a conversation on how we can make it better!

About this Event

Hi Everyone,

On behalf of the GINA Health Team, I wish to invite you to an open roundtable discussion about the challenges, issues, mishaps and needs that fellow folks from all over the world struggle with in terms of managing their stress and anxiety. We aspire to build a platform where people who seek self-care tips, behavioral help are empowered, informed, and supported. Let’s make this happen!

Who are we?

My name is Kat Usop, and I am a believer of empowered mental health – I fought the stigma as far as I remember and I wish to utilize technology for our own health benefits.

Together with a group of engineers and health coaches who are joining forces to re-design how behavioral services are provided to everyone, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, we are hear to listen to you and learn from you… this is the only way impactful solutions are done.

This platform will be free for everyone once produced, please check , upon joining this focus group, you will have an early access to the platform!