Heart Talk – An evening of Inspiration, Empowerment, Impact. Here, we seek to connect, encourage and empower one another with our life story, our struggles, our triumph and everything that makes us human.

If you believe that Who You Are Makes A Difference, do join us

# To create an inspiring and impactful community
# To create a safe space where openness and empathy are celebrated, where nurturing and uplifting practises are encouraged.

>> Bring an open mind, an open heart and be happy to connect with one another.
>> Bring your authentic Best Self and Positive Vibes, we’ll make you feel welcome and comfortable just like home.
>> Leave your fear of judgement at home and connect with a genuine heart.

* This is perfect for the introverts who seek meaningful conversation and connection.
* This is also perfect for the extroverts to recharge their positive vibes.

Cost: $20 (include refreshment, this is not-for-profit event)
Venue: Central (venue to be confirmed)

We promise you will feel more connected with your new friends and we look forward to connect with you!!

Register here.

In Authenticity & Courage,
Rainy The Rainmaker

Location: Sofi Cafe Pizza by Pasta Brava, 10 Craig Rd, Singapore 089670