Psy First Aid 26 Aug 2023

Mental health challenges are a reality for many individuals, and learning how to support others can make all the difference. This workshop focuses on understanding adult depression and anxiety, psychological first-aid principles, and effective first-response techniques. Join us to gain practical tools and skills to navigate life’s challenges effectively and support others in the journey towards improved mental health.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the challenges and distress faced by adults in contemporary society
  • Discovering the presentation of depression and anxiety in adulthood
  • Developing psychological first aid principles and first response techniques
  • Participative learning from case studies


Organized by: API Care and Counselling


Dr. Loke Keng Choong
PhD (Applied Psychology), MA(Applied Psychology), MDiv,MA (Biblical Studies), BA

Ms. Angeline Yap
MA (Counselling and Community Work), MA(Pastoral Studies), BCS (Hons)

Saturday 26 Aug, 2023
1 pm – 4 pm
$30 per pax

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Location: 20 Aljunied Road Singapore, 389805