We will be having our first Virtual Public Education talk on 26 October 2020 from 7.30pm-9pm via Zoom.

This talk is open to anyone who would like to better understand mental health conditions, how to help others with mental health conditions around you, including youth, and to diminish the stigma people may have against individuals with mental health conditions.

The talk will be conducted through a 1.5-2 hour Zoom session, and mainly facilitated by mental health professionals and individuals who have lived experiences of their personal mental health conditions i.e. peers. Participants will be given the opportunities to interact with the professionals and peers through questions aimed to understand and manage mental health conditions better.

The purpose of this talk is to:

1. Create awareness on the prevalence, predisposing factors, and symptoms of common mental health conditions encountered by youth and caregivers to reduce stigma related to mental health conditions.

2. Educate youth at-risk of/with mental health conditions and the general public, especially caregivers, on clear steps to take and resources available to help and/or for treatment when in distress or faced with a mental health condition. This will encourage help-seeking behavior and support early intervention/treatment.

3. Create awareness that mental health conditions are treatable, that persons with mental health conditions can and do recover, and are able to lead meaningful lives and make significant contributions to society just like any other person, through sharing of personal experiences of PSALT Care Peers. By doing so, we hope to reduce the stigma and improve public perception towards persons with mental health conditions.

Those who are interested may register via https://tinyurl.com/PETalk2610.

We hope to see you there!