There is increasing evidence of a global surge in mental health difficulties among youths. The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with constraints in access to and provision of mental health services, has resulted in a mental health crisis for many countries. The digital world presents possible opportunities for engagement and intervention. However, this needs to be calibrated with the possible harmful effects from a reliance on digital technology and excessive screen time. This Temasek Shophouse Conversation will discuss the current state of youth mental health, the impact and benefits of the digital world on youths and the opportunities for innovation.
Organised by Temasek Foundation, in partnership with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Campus PSY.
8.30am: Welcome remarks
8.35am: Keynote speech

8.45am: [Session 1] State of Youth Mental Health and Challenges in Access to and Provision of Interventions

  • We explore the effect of the recent pandemic and other challenges on youth mental health, and a vision for the future of mental health care.

9.40am: [Session 2] The Digital World – Friend or Foe?

  • We discuss the use of social media and technology, and how they can help or hurt mental health.
10.25am: [Session 3] Beyond Awareness: Greater Mental Health Support for Youths
  • • We chart the evolution of mental wellbeing among youths in Singapore, and examine how the public, private, and people sectors can come together to better support youths in their mental wellbeing.
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Temasek Shophouse Conversations, launched in 2021, is a series of hybrid events that brings leaders from the public, private and community sectors together to forge multi-sector collaboration. The Conversations seek to galvanise and propel communities to take action for the common good in the region and the world.