API Care and Counselling is happy to organise this workshop to help participants learn basic risk assessment skills for self-harm and suicide in adolescence and young adulthood

Mental health challenges are a reality for many individuals, and learning how to support others can make all the difference. The workshop focuses on understanding self-harm, suicide risks in young people, and effective risk assessment techniques. You will also develop principles for communicating effectively with adolescents and young adults. The session includes participative learning from case studies.


  • Understanding why young people harm themselves and the risks of suicide
  • Establishing a framework for assessing risk when speaking to young people
  • Developing principles of communicating with adolescents and young adults
  • Participative learning from case studies

Who Should Attend

  • Parents or caregivers wanting to learn to identify risks in young people,
  • Teachers, coaches or counsellors interested in supporting youth mental health and well-being,
  • Health professionals or caregivers seeking to learn first response techniques for psychological distress in youths, and
  • Community workers or volunteers wanting to gain practical knowledge for assisting adolescents and young adults in distress

Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Cost: $30

Organizer: API Care and Counselling
Phone: (65) 6011-1342
Email: register@apicarecounselling.com.sg

Sign up here! https://apicarecounselling.com.sg/event/workshop-basic-risk-assessment-skills-for-self-harm-and-suicide-in-adolescence-and-young-adulthood/

Location: 20 Aljunied Road Singapore, 389805