If you’re between 15 to 35, this is the space for you! We conduct workshops that are relevant for youths and young working professionals. Read on to find out more on what topics will be covered.

Youth (aged 15-19)

For: Schools and educators organising enrichment classes, pre-/post-exam activities that support emotional and mental wellbeing.

    These workshops focus on:
  • coping with school stress,
  • emotional regulation,
  • building self-esteem,
  • friendships and BGR issues.

Get in touch to find out how our workshops can be a means of supporting today’s youths.

*registration through schools only.

Young Professionals (aged 20-35)

For: Young adults integrating into the workforce, fresh school-leavers and any young person stuck at the crossroads.

These workshops address:

  • transitional stress
  • vulnerable support system
  • personal identity

Many critical events take place in the season of young adulthood, which adds to stress arising from varied transitions related to school, work, family, relationships.

Join us for a session of unwinding and self-discovery after work. Bring along a friend or two!

HR Professionals – Let’s Talk! 

For: Passionate people developers and HR strategists

We offer lunchtime/induction talks on how transformational writing can be an effective form of handling workplace stress, conflict resolution and communication.

Email us to discuss more on how we can help with workplace integration and promote staff wellbeing.