At Adullam Life Counselling, we are a non-profit society that provides support and practical help for people facing debt issues. We are a Christian based organisation but pledges to serve the community without any racial or religious bias. Give us a call to find out how we can help.

Our History

Established in April 2013, Adullam Life Counselling is a registered society that provides counselling, practical support for the individual, and also for the affected family during their financial crisis.

The center is currently headed by Mr Wong Kee Soon who has been helping people with debt issues for the past 30 years. The center acts as an intermediary between the helpseekers and their legal creditors by negotiating on a possible repayment plan. We also provide advice and crucial support to those who are troubled by illegal moneylenders(loansharks).

We also have a growing team of volunteers who are passionate about helping members of the public to overcome the vicious cycle of excessive borrowing, and have helped with 464 cases for the year 2014. The success rate of paying-off the moneylender over a period of time has been 80 to 90% so far.

Agencies such as the Moneylender Association of Singapore(MLAS), Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office(IPTO), various Grassroots Committee and moneylenders themselves are also working with us, referring people to Adullam.


Our Address:

151 Chin Swee Road #08-04 Manhattan House Singapore 169876

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