Amanda is well versed with various International education systems (such as British, American, and Australian) and the requirements of each educational system and environment. She is also familiar with requirements for local Singapore schools and MOE rules and regulations. Her familiarity with a multitude of educational systems and their requirements allows her to create and plan suitable intervention programs depending on the child’s and school’s needs. Her past experience working in multi-disciplinary settings has also given her a good understanding of other health professionals’ (such as Occupational Therapists, Educational Therapists, Orthoptists, Pediatric Audiologists, Pediatricians, and Speech and Language Therapists) perspectives and what each professional can bring to the table in order to form an all-rounded intervention program for a child.

Prior to her move to Singapore, Amanda worked in various settings in Melbourne, Australia. She worked in a private practice attached to Monash University, the Pediatric Unit at Monash Medical Centre as part of the psychology and child development unit, as an ABA therapist and case manager, and at a private school. Aside from conducting assessments, Amanda would conduct social skills at the private school she worked at with primary and secondary age students. These classess would cover a wide range of issues, such as bullying, assertiveness, expressing emotions effectively, and anger management. She has conducted study skills classes on an individual and group basis as well. She also helped to develop a peer leadership program for students transitioning from primary to secondary school for the students at the school she worked at. Amanda has also developed a social skills program in conjunction with Monash University to introduce, reinforce, and generalize the acquisition of social skills for pre-school aged children on the Autism Spectrum studying within integrated classrooms.

Amanda has extensive experience working with and diagnosing children that are gifted but with learning difficulties, children with a specific learning difficulty (such as ADHD, dyslexia, CAPD), children on the Autism Spectrum (including Asperger’s Syndrome), and children with emotional/social difficulties. She is also trained in SAMONAS and the administration of the ADOS. Amanda is fully registered to practice both in Singapore and Australia. She is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the Singapore Psychological Society.


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