Since 1999, Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) has been, and still is, a home away from home for our residents with dementia. We have stayed true to the core belief that each PWD is a gift to us, and deserves to enjoy a positive quality of life.

What initially began as a purpose-built home for persons with dementia is now a community committed to empowering lives affected by dementia. We strive to reframe dementia as a unique phase of life worth celebrating, building a visionary ecosystem in which PWD can thrive through reabling of PWD and working with caregivers to master caregiving.

At the Lodge, this means creating a resort-like experience for residents at all stages of dementia. Able seniors experience an assisted vacationing lifestyle, while residents at later stages of dementia enjoy love and comfort through Namaste care principles. Aimed at wellness and wellbeing, integrated activities incorporating continuous learning, creative expression and intergenerational bonding will enable the Lodge to serve as a learning center for youths and children alike.

We believe persons with dementia should have equal access to lifestyle activities and continuous learning if they so desire. We aim to bring together like-minded partners to provide therapeutic engagement, harnessing the power of small but positive interactions between residents and community members to build dementia-inclusive communities organically.

Challenging the notion of caregiver ‘burden’, we aim to support ready caregivers to master the caregiving role. By providing platforms for caregivers to grow together, we facilitate the building of a community for caregivers, by caregivers.

Finally, with evidence-based institutional knowledge, we strive to build dementia-specific capability in the sector through training and consultancy services, impacting exponentially more persons with dementia.

Apex Harmony Lodge is a registered Institute of Public Character and Charity under the Commissioner of Charities.


Our Address:

10 Pasir Ris Walk, Singapore 518240

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