API Care and Counselling is the professional counselling and community service arm of the Asian Pastoral Institute (API). It seeks to provide wholistic care for individuals, corporates and the community through its counselling and corporate services, workshops and talks, and community engagement.

Led by a multidisciplinary team of senior counsellors, psychologists and social workers, our blend of skills serves to wholistically address personal mental health, relationships and family issues. Singapore’s community is religiously-diverse, with some 80% claiming affiliation to a religious faith. To meet such diverse needs, the team offers both faith-based counselling as well as evidence-based clinical counselling. Each Christan counsellor, psychologist, or social worker is capable of spanning the secular and spiritual spaces to integrate the spiritual, religious, and ethical values of the client in the counselling process.

Together as a team, API Care and Counselling offers workshops, talks, and employee assistance plans to meet the complex needs of individuals, corporates and the community.


Our Address:

20 Aljunied Road Singapore 389805

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