Jocelyn has been in the helping profession for more than 18 years. She began her career as a Rehabilitation Officer at the Singapore Prison Service before joining the Ministry of Education (MOE) as a trained secondary school teacher. She subsequently undertook her Master degree in Educational Psychology (University College London, UK) as a recipient of the MOE postgraduate scholarship. Following that, she served as a Senior Specialist at the Psychological Services Branch of MOE and delivered a range of services to primary and secondary schools. This included providing psycho-educational assessments and consultations to parents, teachers and school leaders to help support children with learning difficulties and special educational needs. Desiring to extend her support to individuals with mental health concerns, Jocelyn subsequently left MOE to complete her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Geropsychology at the University of Queensland (Australia) under the Endeavour Postgraduate Award.

Aside from direct support of individuals with learning and psychological concerns, Jocelyn’s passion is in caregiver support. This includes professional and familial caregivers of persons with physical and developmental disabilities (e.g. intellectual disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder) and chronic or life-threatening medical or psychological conditions (e.g. dementia, cancer, depression).

Jocelyn is also known to be a good mentor and had received commendation for her contribution as a mentor of new psychologists while in MOE. She developed the mentoring framework for new psychologists while in the Psychological Services Branch of MOE and was actively involved in the supervision of trainee and newly trained psychologists. Currently, she continues to participate in the supervision of Allied Educators (Learning and Behavioural Support) and Counseling and Educational Psychology trainees during their NIE practicum.

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