Lin’s passion in supporting the community started early in her career and she has devoted the last 15 years, contributing and growing in the helping profession. After several years working as a Senior Researcher, handling regional market research projects in the private setting, she began her career in the helping field, as Child Welfare Officer at the then Ministry of Community Development . She then joined the Ministry of Education (MOE) as a trained primary school teacher. Following the completion of her Masters of Arts specialising in Educational Psychology, she served as a Senior Specialist at the Psychological Services Branch of MOE providing support to primary and secondary schools as well as at the policy level. She provided training and consultation to parents and teachers. She also supported students providing psycho-educational assessments and intervention. She delved further to extend her support to younger children and families when she joined KK Hospital.

Lin has special interests in the area of mental wellness and health (e.g. anxiety, depression), early development as well as learning concerns. She conducts comprehensive psycho-educational assessments for purposes such as access arrangement, diagnostic (i.e., learning or developmental disorders (e.g. dyslexia, ASD, ADHD etc.) or profile of needs (i.e. learning concerns/delays).

She enjoys looking into the topic of engagement. This includes school engagement and child-school-family engagement. Lin’s doctoral research was focused in the area of school engagement. She enjoys consulting and doing sharing/workshops on the areas of learning, social-emotional learning, parenting etc.

A valued member and team player, Lin has received several commendations for her role in various teams and programmes. She had previously led a team of professionals in implementing a nationwide programme for young children providing support in pre-schools. She is known to be a nurturing coach and mentor to new aspiring psychologists, educators and allied educators. She is currently providing consultancy to various organisations and supporting learning support educators, allied educators and early intervention teachers during their training practicum. She is a registered psychologist both in Singapore and New Zealand, specialising in Educational and Clinical Psychology.

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