Ferna Consulting & Mediation is the trusted clinical therapy provider for corporations, educational institutions, government entities, hospitals, charities, and individuals or families seeking involved, empathetic counseling, consulting, training, and dispute resolution.

With over two decades of clinical expertise in the United States and APAC region, Dr. Sharon Fernando is recognized by key stakeholders in various public and private sectors in Singapore and the surrounding region, as a compassionate collaborator and innovative leader in the field of clinical diagnostics and assessments, corporate consulting and counseling through crises and high conflict situations.

Dr. Fernando was awarded a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology following rigorous training in psychometric evaluations and the scientist-practitioner model. She has years of clinical expertise in a multitude of settings spanning inpatient psychiatric wards, private practice, corporate consulting, crisis intervention training, medical communications, and global biopharmaceutical solutions. Her experience spans three continents, thereby making her especially well suited to consult on cross-cultural disputes and negotiations.

Dr. Fernando is a Registered Psychologist in Singapore, recognized by the Singapore Register of Psychologists committee and ratified by authority from the Council of the Singapore Psychological Society. She has been practicing in Singapore since 2008 with previous experience in government institutions, collaboration with ministries, hospitals, and private practice and has been featured in mainstream media numerous times over the years. She is also called upon as a keynote speaker at Central Nervous System (CNS) conferences worldwide and her specialization lies in providing bespoke training workshops for corporations in the APAC region.


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