The programme supports incarcerated mothers and fathers, and their children and families through:

  • Befriending (Early Reader): one-on-one befriending and reading with the child
  • In-Care Prison Engagements: incarcerated mothers and fathers are involved in thematically structured groupwork sessions (separately conducted for the mothers and fathers) which promote a sense of peer helping and support among the group members
  • Family Empowerment & Care: holistic care and support will be provided to meet the family’s needs, in collaboration with other agencies. Services include therapeutic care and developmental support, and case management


Who is this for?
Incarcerated mothers and fathers, and their children (aged 3 to 9 at enrolment) and families.

What to expect?
New Life Stories will support the families for a total of three years (typically two years with the parent in prison and one year after release from prison)
Subsequently, New Life Stories will refer the families to other suitable agencies, should they continue to require additional support.

How to apply? 
The target service users are directly referred to New Life Stories by Singapore Prison Service (SPS).