Mental Health GP Partnership Programme (MHGPP)

The Mental Health General Practitioner (GP) Partnership programme is a national initiative by MOH and AIC to strengthen and improve access to mental health services in Primary Care


  • Provide holistic and accesible care for patients with physical and/or mental conditions
  • Encourage patients with mental health needs to seek early treatment from you as a family doctor

Support for GPs in the programme

  • To ensure quality clinical care in the community, you will be supported with:
    • Psychiatric drugs at a lower cost
    • Community mental health services, such as case management and counselling
    • Direct access to specialist(s) assigned by Restructured Hospitals (RHs) to assist you with clinical consults
    • Access to subsidies for mental health conditions under CHAS and CDMP
  • A liaison coordinator will facilitate your patients’ referrals between the clinic, hospital and community support services
  • CME talks and case discussion platforms are also regularly organised to enhance your competencies in the lastest treatment modalities of mental health care


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