About Rainy:

Rainy is a Strategic Interventionist, a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) Master Practitioner, a Certified NLP Coach (The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and a Certified Timeline Therapy Practitioner, a Growth Seeker, a Game Changer, a Healer, Heart Connector, a Master Influencer who is passionate in helping women find their greatness with Clarity, Courage and Confidence coaching and strategic intervention, so they can be the best version of themselves and life a happier, fulfilling life.Having been in a toxic relationship in the past, she knew what it was to feel ‘temporary’ lost, hopeless, stuck in a vicious cycle of self pity. She knows what its like, to lose self-identity, feeling not enough and confused.

Rainy is on a mission to empower over 1 million women worldwide, to turn their greatest pain into their greatest strength, equipping them with practical tools and strategies to let go of their emotional baggage so they can feel liberated, safe and certain to create the life they love.

With her 3 Steps Proven Transformation System, she’s been empowering women to breakthrough their fears and get out of their emotional prison that’s been sabotaging their life, relationship and business so they can break free, achieve their goals and shine.

She is a Loving Mom, a Joyful, Fun, Passionate Woman who takes life’s good, magnify it and share it openly.

A creator of possibility, a source of joy, fun, ideas that makes a difference. A grateful woman, a force for good, a force for God.

Rainy is driven by the freedom of choice because she believe that life should be lived happily, passionately and abundantly.

Her passion towards personal growth for the last decade has led her to embark on a journey of growing and empowering others through the power of subconscious mind, NLP techniques, negative emotions clearing and transformation coaching to heal and help people tap into their greatness.

Her dream is to create a world filled with love, joy, abundance, fulfilment, growth and contribution.

If you are aligned with her mission, let’s connect and join her to grow the Happiness Greatness Tribe!

In love and authenticity,

Rainy the Rainmaker


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