Monica has been in the people-helping field for over three decades. She believes that transformation is within each person and that it can be achieved despite obstacles and challenges that you face.

She has served as a Counsellor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Parenting Consultant, Speaker and Trainer. She has served in a multi-faceted range of Counselling establishments and has gained much experience in supporting and helping people with various needs. For example, she has worked with couples to improve their marriages, worked with couples facing infidelity issues to salvage their marriages, couples experiencing divorce, families breaking up due to differing expectations of parenting, and students struggling with identity, relationships, and family stress.

Monica is passionate about providing solutions to the growing number of mental health conditions among young people that is triggered by the state of the family environment. In her experience with her clients, she has seen how the family unit helps individuals to manage their mental health conditions successfully and become better. She believes that the family unit can influence a better and healthy society through positive parenting, marriage, extended family relationships and circles of friends. By using research-based interventions such as the Gottman Couples Therapy and Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) Monica has seen efficacy and positive results in the services she renders.

Monica is widely known in the Singapore School system as a Trainer for parents through the multiple training programmes she has conducted in over 300 institutions. She has also been featured in interviews on radio and has contributed to articles in news media. She has been a consultant at round table discussions at Young NTUC on Total Fertility Rate where younger Singaporeans were encouraged to build families due to the dipping TFR.

Monica is married and is a mother to 3 children aged 26, 22 and 18 and one dog. She loves to talk with friends and try out exotic food, often at the same time. She is a durian fan and treasures family time playing games and watching movies.


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