Lynn often describes her undergraduate experience at Brisbane, Australia to be transformative and fondly remembers how her interests in clinical psychology and research were nurtured by the faculty and stoked during her honours year at the Queensland Brain Institute. Upon her return to Singapore, she completed her postgraduate degree and spent the majority of the last decade practicing as a Senior Clinical Psychologist at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH). This door led her to cross paths with individuals from diverse backgrounds in various contexts (i.e., community, outpatient, inpatient and forensic settings) across the lifespan.

Her experience in recent years saw her working with clients struggling with mood, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties, loss and transitions. She bore witness to recurring traumatic loops that pursued happiness, perfection and strength in the absence of rest, attunement, authenticity and self-compassion that plagued both minds and bodies. This fed her curiosity to explore the role of movement in deepening therapeutic healing. Apart from her work with adults, she also worked alongside a multi-disciplinary team at the Psychogeriatrics Department that specialises in dementia assessment and care. There, she co-developed a multi-disciplinary short-term group therapy for individuals with mild cognitive impairment and their caregivers with collaborations with local museums. She also has experience in conducting groups for individuals who struggled with mood, anxiety and interpersonal difficulties as well as caregivers who felt a disconnect with their elderly family members who were depressed.

A keen believer of the model of a scientist-practitioner, Lynn’s interests also extends into research, psychological assessment and education. She was actively involved in neuropsychological research in hopes to build on current local normative datasets to offer more sensitive baselines to better inform diagnosis and treatment. She also has conducted community talks, consultations to nursing homes and offered clinical supervision to student interns, junior psychologists, postgraduate students completing their degree in clinical psychology and peer support specialists.

Warm, sensitive and eclectic sums up Lynn’s therapy style; drawing on different therapy modalities (e.g., Schema therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotion-focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Triple P, etc) as she journeys alongside her clients to make sense and find resolution to their difficulties. She believes that meaningful connections (be it therapy, psychological assessments or workshops/talks), are born out of safe, genuine and emotionally attuned spaces that invites for deep self-reflection and understanding leading to change.


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