Doctorate in School Psychology (USA)
PGDip (School Psychology) (USA)
M Science (School Psychology with Early Intervention Specialization) (USA)
B Science (Psychology with Applied Behavior Analysis Specialization) (USA)
B Science (Psychology) (HK – USA)

Patsy is a doctoral-level educational psychologist at the Think Psychological Services. Her current role at the Think Psychological Services include providing consultations and short-term therapeutic interventions to parents of children with special needs.

Patsy specializes in psychological assessments and interventions for children with special needs. As an educational psychologist, Patsy sees collaborating with families as the centrepiece of a potent intervention for the children with special needs. She seeks to make the collaboration an acceptable and beneficial experience for parents through collaboratively involving them in their children’s treatment process and helping make meaning of the therapy in relation to their everyday lives.

Prior to joining the Think Psychological Services, Patsy had years of experiences in both clinical and educational settings in the United States as a licensed psychologist provider. Other than working with children within schools and paediatric psychiatric care units, Patsy also had experiences working with individuals across all ages in private practices and community centres.

Fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.


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