Redwoods are the largest and tallest trees on our planet. They are resilient against threats such fires, floods, winds and insects. Their strength lies in their adaptability and widespread intertwining roots to support each other in challenging environments.

Here at Redwood Psychology (Singapore), our psychologists and counsellors are committed to journeying through life’s challenges with our clients, through the process of resilience-building, within a supportive therapeutic relationship. Our hope is that every client who has experienced Redwood Psychology (Singapore), will be able to live the life that is, well-lived.

As a group practice, we envision psychology to be accessible to all. Beyond the traditional ways that psychological services are delivered, we are constantly innovating with clients’ needs at the core, using robust research and data-driven methods to ensure quality services. True to our name, Redwood, we aspire to be a group practice that is client centric, relational, results-driven and innovating; that we with our clients, will grow from strength to strength, to greater heights.  


Our Address:

1 North Bridge Road High Street Centre #06-11 Singapore 179094

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