At SBC School of Counselling, the training will shape and equip you to become a compassionate, competent and Christ-centred counsellor, with the knowledge and skills for an effective care-giving ministry.

The two programs offered are Master of Arts in Counselling and Graduate Diploma in Counselling. Both require a Bachelor’s degree for entry. The MAC meets criteria for accreditation by the Singapore Association for Counselling.Counselling is a gift to the body of Christ. Through its competent practice, individuals, couples, families, and groups are assisted to increase their level of awareness, derive wisdom regarding their presenting issues, make commitment to change, and improve the quality of their lives. As issues are resolved, growth towards maturity and wholeness becomes a reality.

SOC primarily provides training to prepare those who wish to work within the ministry of the local church. Due to the recognition of our curriculum’s clinical comprehensiveness by the Singapore Association for Counselling, we have increasing number of graduates who practice their skills in the contexts of the community at large. Aside from the local church, our graduates are also involved in hospitals, academic settings, and social service agencies.

Good counsellors are made by counselling. Part of the training at SOC is for students to actually get involved in internship with different agencies and facilities which work closely with us. The rigor of practicum makes the learning process well-balanced.

As the Lord has gifted you with the desire to help the broken and affirmed by the people you truly respect, you may wish to consider undergoing training with us. Come and be a part of this vibrant community which truly desires to make a difference in the lives of others. We are here to be of service to you.



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SINGAPORE BIBLE COLLEGE 9 – 15 Adam Road Singapore 289886

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