Shan You is a non-profit social service organization set up in 1995 to provide professional counselling and social care services based on the guiding values of compassion, mindfulness, morality and wisdom. Our services are available to all in the community, regardless of race, religion and ability to pay.
Shan You is a registered society and a charity with the status of Institutions of a Public Character, and a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).  Shan You is supported by Community Chest, corporate and individuals donors.
In 1991, Buddhist Graduate Fellowship (now known as Buddhist Fellowship) initiated the formation of Tai Pei Counselling Centre with funds from the Tai Pei Foundation. Tai Pei Counselling Centre thus became the first Buddhist counselling centre in Singapore.

As its services expanded, the Centre moved to Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery in 1993 and was renamed as Ren Ci Counselling Centre. However, the monastery wanted to relocate the Centre to Ren Ci Hospital, a hospital for chronically ill patients, in 1995. It was then that a decision was made to set up an independent counselling centre in order for it to serve the centre community and to prevent frequent relocations.

Finally, Shan You Counselling Centre was established and registered as a society on 17 June 1995. Its name, Shan You Counselling Centre, was suggested by Venerable Mun Cheng and endorsed by the Management Committee.

Initially, Shan You Counselling Centre was situated in Lorong 36 Geylang. However, as the old site was zoned for residential building projects, the Urban Redevelopment Authority gave notice of the Centre’s need to move. In May 1998, upon the successful application to the Housing and Development Board, the Centre relocated to the void deck of Block 9 Upper Boon Keng Road. We were again affected by HDB’s redevelopment programme and by April 2006, we moved to our current premises at Block 5 Upper Boon Keng Road. This location was chosen because of its easy accessibility by public transport and its close proximity to the community that the Centre was target to serve.

Shan You Counselling Centre was re-positioned in October 2017 to better represent the various social services we provide. Since then, the parent organisation is known as Shan You which manages : 1) Shan You Counselling Centre 2) Shan You Wellness Community and 3) Shan You Vegetarian Stall.


Our Address:

Block 5 Upper Boon Keng Road #02-15 Singapore 380005

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