Hi, I’m Shar. I approach therapy with a holistic view that there isn’t one framework or style that fits every client. I strive to meet you where you are, create a safe space where you feel seen and understood, and set realistic and achievable goals with you to overcome challenges and improve your life. My style is straightforward, practical and warm. I have seen how a strong and consistent therapeutic relationship can help improve self-awareness, promote healing, and allow for significant personal growth.

I was born in India, grew up in Singapore, and have since spent over a decade studying, living and working in multiple multicultural cities in Europe and North America. My journey to develop my own sense of self has played a significant role in my calling to help adolescents and adults navigate their unique issues around cultural identity, adjustment, assimilation, and multicultural families and relationships.

Some of the challenges I can support you with include managing stress and anxiety, improving self-esteem, understanding and healing from past traumas, and navigating relationship difficulties. I specialize in multicultural counseling and work with many individuals who struggle with or are interested in exploring their identity as it relates to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and culture.

My hope is that in working with me, you feel comfortable enough to explore the complexities of day-to-day struggles, and empowered to make positive changes.


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10 Anson Road

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