The SLF comprises intervention tracks for addicted persons or Significant Other Persons (SOP; includes kin and family members, partner, close friends, guardian) at 5 different stages of needs:

Track 1: Outreach, Education and Awareness – to raise awareness of addictions and advocate for early intervention
Track 2: Relapse Prevention and Extended Care – individual and group counselling, family support, self-help support group
Track 3: Sober Living – for persons in the early remission phase with less than 6 months sobriety from addictive behaviour
Track 4: Maintenance – for persons with at least 6 months sobriety
Track 5: For Family/SOP – individual and group counselling, support group
Not all participants will enter and complete each track in a linear order.

Who is it for?

All services are open to Singapore Citizens and persons residing in Singapore who are:

Assessed to have a present or past addiction issue (including drugs, alcohol, compulsive gambling, shoplifting, sex, porn use and gaming), with the expressed desire to seek help or,
Currently impacted by the addiction of a loved one.

For addiction treatment:
Services are provided to all persons aged 14 and above

For family counselling:
Support is provided to individuals aged 10 and above

For outreach programmes:
Conducted for individuals aged 14 and above

Those who are under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or authorised adult.


What to expect?

The intake and assessment process involves an interview where the person’s motivation is assessed and their readiness, reasons and desire for change are explored.

  • For persons who are assessed to be ambivalent about stopping their addictive behaviour, brief therapy will be conducted, with the primary goal of engaging with the person such that they will return for help in the future when ready for change.
  • For persons who are assessed to be highly motivated for change, they will be recommended to seek medical detoxification (if necessary), or directly assigned to the relevant track.


How to apply?
You may contact WE CARE for more information.
Alternatively, WE CARE also accepts referrals through other agencies (e.g. State Courts, MSF, Prisons, family service centres, hospitals, other social service agencies).



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