We provide art psychotherapy for a variety of clients conducted by our registered art therapists, who have at minimum Masters qualification in Art Therapy and at least 750hrs of supervised clinical hours.

We aim to provide ethical and competent art therapy services. We are passionate about serving the most vulnerable segments of society who is most in need of support, through safe, respectful, empathetic art psychotherapy interventions to build resilience. We believe strongly in a holistic and multidisciplinary approach in coordinating the best possible care for our clients. We provide both individual and group art psychotherapy sessions.

“Art therapy melds the principles of psychotherapy with the experience of creative expression. Creative expression through art therapy provides a means of conveying visually, usually through painting, drawing or sculpture, concerns and concepts which may not be easily expressed in words. Visual self-expression in art therapy not only facilitates communication but also accesses and interweaves with other acknowledged benefits of creative process on mental and physical well-being. Art therapy encompasses a range of creative arts therapy approaches wherein art therapists develop a specific area of practice and employ an appropriate psychological approach for each individual. Importantly, art therapy takes place within a therapeutic relationship between an individual or group with the therapist. The triangular relationship between client, therapist and the artwork is considered to be the key feature of art therapy work.”

— Art Therapist’s Association of Singapore


Our Address:

Novena Regency, #01-14 275 Thomson road, Singapore 307645

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