The Mind Collected is a team of mental health clinicians specialising in counselling and
psychotherapy services tailored to meet each person’s specific needs. They believe in
working closely with each client, at their pace, with a clear direction and plan. With a suite of
individual, couples, and group therapies, all of customisable lengths and approaches, they ensure
optimal recovery and growth.

Their practice offers a complimentary first session to help clients match with the best
therapist possible, and also therapy packages to keep their services affordable. Available after
office hours and on weekends, they make space for busy professionals, couples and students.

Their team of masters and doctoral therapists are dedicated to providing the best support
possible to those on their therapeutic journey, and utilise a collaborative, systematic
approach, based on regular feedback, to bring about lasting change.


Our Address:

16 Mohamed Sultan Road #02-01 Singapore 238965

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