We are looking for two clinical psychologists (psychologist/senior psychologist) to join our team here at KKH Psychology Service. Your role will be to provide psychological interventions and neuro/psychological assessments for children with blood cancers, brain and solid tumours, as well as to support our general Paediatric and Adolescent services.

This position entails working in two broad areas: (i) the paediatric population and their families who present with difficulties coping with their medical conditions and complex emotional/behavioural problems; in particular, to work with children with cancers as part of a comprehensive psychosocial program; and (ii) adolescents and their families who present with complex mental health needs, young people with an eating disorder, or at risk of an eating disorder.

To support children with cancer, your role will be to provide the clinical, research and educational arms of the program. In addition to psychological interventions; comprehensive neuropsychological assessments and also longer follow up for children with brain tumours and cognitive involvement secondary to their cancers, will be required. There will also be scope to develop interventions to support these children, particularly in cognitive, psychosocial and academic functioning.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to support our general Paediatric population who present with medically related learning problems, as well as complex emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties. This includes providing support to children and teenagers, and their parents, who present with a range of difficulties. Those include but are not limited to Tic Disorders, OCD, eczema, sleep difficulties, mood disorders and anxiety, coping with a chronic medical condition, and genetic disorders. For the Adolescent clinics, you will be required to provide assessment and psychotherapy for adolescents and families who present with complex mental health problems, self-harm behaviours and eating disorders. There may be opportunities to be part of multidisciplinary teams, run group programs and also participate in research as and when it becomes available.

Working as a psychologist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital provides opportunities for a broad, meaningful and unique range of experiences. You will be part of a vibrant psychology team. Individual and group supervision will be provided, as are opportunities for training.

Head to https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/clinical-psychologist-at-kk-women-s-children-s-hospital for more information.

Skills and Experiences


  • Master or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from an accredited university programme.
  • Possess an existing registration / membership, or be eligible for membership / registration, with professional psychological bodies, such as the Singapore Psychological Society, Australian Psychological Society.
  • The ability to work with children / people with brain injuries and their families is required.
  • Sound formulation skills that can take into account bio-psychosocial elements.
  • Sound knowledge of psychometric assessments and competency in administering and interpreting a wide range of neuropsychological assessments (e.g. WISC, WAIS, WPPSI, NEPSY, Vineland, TeaCH, BRIEF).
  • Good understanding of brain development and the impact of brain injury on the developing brain.
  • The ability to write comprehensive neuropsychological reports with recommendations that are tailored to the child.
  • Well-developed written and verbal communication skills, with good organization and time management.
  • Well-developed skills in case formulation, delivering CBT and other best practice interventions.
  • Good understanding of child and adolescent development.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and written skills.
  • Good organization and time management skills.
  • To be able to maintain and ensure effective and high quality clinical documentation.
  • Resilient, able to work independently and also as a team player in a fast-paced setting
  • To be able to provide sound and ethical professional advice and consultation to other professionals, care givers and community agencies where necessary.
  • Ability to speak a second local language and/or dialect is desirable, though not essential, in order to liaise with the local language and/or dialect speaking associates/patients.
  • Those with more years of experience will be considered for a Senior position.

Desired Skills and Experience

Adolescents, CBT, Clinical, Clinical Psychology, Medical Research, Mental Health, Psychological Assessment, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Treatment, scope, involvement, work with children, Paediatrics