Job Description

Student wellbeing and support is a top priority and a key foundation for the University. As a key team member of the University Wellbeing Centre, this role provides professional counselling and clinical consultation to support and promote the psychological wellbeing of the NTU student community comprising 33,000 students. 

Key responsibilities are: 

1) Provision of professional counselling, case management and consultation

  • Provide professional counselling to 33,000 NTU undergraduate and graduate students, which also involves family, peer, or couple counselling besides individual counselling to students, where relevant.
  • Provide consultation to students, staff, family members, etc. on concerns they have regarding a student.
  • Providing case management to counselling clients including at-risk student cases.

2) Provision of psychological critical incident management

  • Provide consultation and psychological critical incident management to suicidal or severely distressed students and staff, and where needed, in getting immediate treatment for such students/staff through working closely with various stakeholders like Student Care, OSW, Assistant Chairs and Pastoral Care Managers of Schools, Faculty-in-Residence, Campus Security, OHR (for staff), NIE Wellness Centre, etc.

3) Community approach to counselling case management

  • To work collaboratively with schools, student service offices, Halls of Residence, psychiatrists and other relevant stakeholders to facilitate a campus community approach towards managing counselling cases on campus.

4) Strategic support in UWC/OSW

  • Providing strategic support to Divisional Head, UWC in overall provision of UWC services.
  • Assists Lead Counsellors in portfolios and project related tasks/duties.
  • Submit statistical data and/or related reports to Divisional Head, UWC as and when required.
  • Plan and participate in initiatives and programmes under UWC and/or Office of Student Wellbeing, as assigned by Divisional Head, UWC and Head, Office of Student Wellbeing

Skills and Experiences

Job requirements: 

  •  Graduate qualification in counselling, counselling psychology or clinical psychology.

  • Preferably a registered counsellor with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) or a registered psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS).

  • About 4 years of professional counselling experience.

  • Experience with young adults preferred.

  • Experience in psychological critical incident management is preferred.

  • Experience in planning and managing mental health-related programmes will be advantageous.

  • Possess professional values that are in line with the Code of Ethics of SAC or SPS.

  • Proficient in professional counselling approaches and tools to help clients with diverse issues and conditions, including case conceptualisation and assessment.

  • Competent in case management and critical incident management.

  • Leadership and organizational skills, including in leading by example and garnering consensus.

  • Personal initiative and team spirit in the effective implementation of policies, protocols and plans.

  • Proficient with Microsoft 365 and technological tools and information systems relevant in a university setting.

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